Los Alerces National Park embraces an extension of 263,000 hectares and is placed in the west of the province of Chubut, in the boundary with the Republic of Chile. In 1937 it became a National Park, declaring its territory as an intangible area. It is placed 50 kilometers from the Esquel town. Its name comes from the larches or lahuanes forest it includes, trees with nearly 3000 years and 30 meters high and that are considered as the Sequoias of the Southern Hemisphere. This park is home to more than 12 rivers and lakes, where there are a huge variety of rainbow, brown, brooks and Atlantic locked salmon.
The Rivadavia river is no doubt the Park most famous river, offering an excellent fishing quality. In the begginnig of the season streamers and nymphs are the rule, when the dragonflies show up in December imposes the big dries fishing. During January and February it is the right time to use small nymphs and thin tippets, giving the chance to catch many trout.

This river can be the best challenge for any angler when the temperature rises and water level is lower. Most of the catches are rainbows of 18 to 20 inches. You can also catch ocassionaly brown, brooks and Atlantic locked salmon.


The Arrayanes river flows from Lago Verde to Lago Futalaufquen. It can give amazing fishing days, even though it does not have a huge trout population. The fishing pressure is very low, and can give the angler fishing with dry flies excellent rainbow catches and Atlantic locked salmon occasionally.

To the Lago Krugger and Rio Frey you can only access by motor boat.
It is full of fish and the landscape is unbeliavable. Many small streams flow to them so it it the ideal place to use streamers and look for brown, rainbow and brooks. Thick reed bed invite the angler to dry fly fishing during the whole day. It is the key place to fish a trophy trout!
Rio Frey mouth and “the palanganas” are an unique place inside the parc, where many and excellent quality trout live. The average catch excceeds 17 inches, and there is always the chance to get good brown and brooks.


Even though Lago Verde is not a tradicional fishing place, the low fishing pressure it has and its access difficulty, make the fishing in rafts succesfull. Streamers in the beginning of the season and dry flies as the heat comes, fishing specially in the reed bed and next to rocks.


The estrecho de los monstruos (“monster straits”) situated between the Krugger and Futalaufquen lake, has it name due to the huge trout it hosted a long time ago. It is still now possible to fish excellent trout, basically with sinking line and big streamers.



Laguna Larga is mostly crowded by browns. If you get a 19 inches trout, you got a small one! The average is of more than 22 inches and with possible catches of more than 28 inches. The key is to find the time where there is almost no day light and when browns are active. Even though streamers are usual here, during the sun going down cadisflies hatches appear. After being fishing and scouting the whole area, we decided that this place was the one to build our first lodge, which will be open for season 2016/2017.


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