Mostly every river, lake and steam in this area float East to the Pacific Ocean, except from the Chubut River and Arroyo Pescado. There is a big variety of fishing waters, some of them to float and others to wade. They are varied in their features and sizes, some of them are wide and have a lot of water during the whole year, and some of them are small and narrow.
Nant y Fall is Lago Rosario’s natural drain. We fish in a private section of this fantastic river. It is similar to a spring creek and the best catches you can have are in the beginning of the season, because the water is ideal and because the rainbows did not leave the stream yet. In many cases captures exceed 20 inches. It is ideal to fish it either with dry flies or nymphs in sightfishing. It is a wading stream


Río Grande or Futaleufu is one ot the most beautiful rivers of the whole area, hosting many flats, runs and pools which turns the fishing dinamic and attactive. Rich weed areas, amazing landscape under the willows and seductive drop offs, hosts big trout quantity, giving the angler fishing days with more than 30 catches. This river can be floated in different sections.

You are able to have extraordinay fishing days with streamers, dry flies, hoopers in January and cadiz hatches. Once in March is is the perfect place to try and get browns with streamers while they are getting ready for their mating period. The normal size is of about 16 inches, but you always have the possibility to get browns of more than 22 inches.

There are rainbows, browns and pacific salmon who come from Chile.

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